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RECONNECTION Was Founded in 2oo9 as a Community Group, established to assist to Persons Of East African Origin With Advice, Information And Socialising, To Help Them Re-Settle In Their New Country And Integrate With The Wider Community. Many Members Of Our Community Were Approaching Us For Help On Personal Level Starting From 2000 Exceeding Our Ability To Stretch Our Spare Time. They Were Calling For Help During Working-Hours Interrupting Our Normal Day-Work, During Weekends Taking Much Of Our Leisure-Time And During Evenings Sharing Our Family-Life.

Setting Up A Community Group Was The Brilliant Idea Which We Came Up With At The Time. The Name Of The Community Group Was Also Derived From Support Seekers Query Types.




Our Aims

Why We Started

Fleeing from the war and violence is only a part of the journey to safety. When things go wrong, the only way towards change is to work on the issues. You wouldn’t believe half of the troubles refugees go through. Upon their arrival, they have nothing but their families to support them. In fact, most people spend their entire lives in a refugee camp. They are left in limbo without any answers or hope for the future. We work to relieve poverty among refugees and prevent it by offering refugee support advice, referrals, signposting, advocacy, translation and language interpretation services.

Team of Aspiring Individuals

Most of our team members have been refugees themselves. They have gone through the struggle of settling in a new country without much support. Legal, geographic, language, health, education, and financial challenges still affect their and others lives.

Our amazing team members helped us plan, setup, and deliver multiple funded projects in the last twelve years.

Advice Quality Service Award

Reconnection has been awarded an ‘Advice Quality Standard’ mark to advise regarding welfare benefits. For the past twelve years, Reconnection has been organizing workshops to build bridges between refugee communities and bring them closer.

The Key Objectives

As a part of the community, we believe in empowering the refugees and help them understand the complex operational system of the UK to lead a hassle-free life. We have been working to bring communities together and provide them awareness through cultural activities. Our key objectives include:

Our Counselling projects

Our videos

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Donate to Help Refugees Re-build Their Lives. Your donations can help us support a good  cause. We are all about helping refugees rebuild their new lives in a new country. When flee from their homes, they leave everything behind them and start from scratch in the UK.